How many NDIS participants are in my local area?

Have you ever wanted to know how many NDIS participants reside in your local area to help understand the projected demand for your services?

The NDIS Demand Map is an interactive tool that can provide information about NDIS participants in your local area to help you grow your health care practice. The map provides a forecast of the NDIS demand by 2023 for all postcodes across Australia.

An estimate of the following information is available through the tool:

  • How many NDIS participants are expected to live in the post code – broken down by type, such as physical disability, autism, neurological disorder;
  • How much funding will be available to participants to spend in the area – broken down by category, such as therapy, capital, early childhood supports; and
  • How many NDIS workers will be needed in the area.

This information could be used to help estimate the demand for your health practice and into the future to help inform business planning, training, recruitment of staff and investment in other resources.

The NDIS Demand Map was developed as part of the ‘Boosting the Local Care Workforce Program’ which is designed to support the growth of service providers in the disability and aged care sectors in regional, rural and outer metropolitan areas across Australia.

To search the map for your local area, please go to enter your post code.

For more information regarding the NDIS Demand Map including some of the assumptions and limitations, click here

If you would like assistance in registering as an NDIS provider, please contact our specialist health lawyers here